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Annual Meeting: A Spectacular Event!

Time : 2024-02-09 Hits : 1

Ivy recently hosted its annual meeting on February 5th. The annual meeting officially commenced at 2 pm, with all employees gathering to review the achievements of the past year. Throughout the year, we achieved a total sales revenue of 10.57 million USD and developed 191 new customers, resulting in a sales revenue of 1.35 million US dollars for new customers. We extend our highest respect to all colleagues who have contributed to these accomplishments.

Subsequently, Ivy's team members showcased their talents through exciting performances and game segments during the event. The occasion was filled with energy and excitement as we enjoyed amazing singers, dancers, speakers, and various activities suitable for everyone's enjoyment!



At the evening party, outstanding employees from various positions were commended and received trophies and bonuses. This greatly inspired the employees to work even better in the new year.


The highlight was witnessing our colleagues unite and enjoy themselves. It's remarkable to observe the progress we've made in the past year and the potential for future achievements. Overall, it was an exceptional event that left us all feeling motivated and excited for 2024.