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Splat Mat

If you have a young child, then you know what I am talking about! Food appears directed to the absolute most difficult areas of cleaning - on the surface, beneath or over top. However, fear not; there is an easy fix to this culinary calamity - the splat mat! These are perfect mats that have been manufactured to catch spillage in order for the clean up, after a meal has also become easy.

If you are looking for the best in a splat mat to keep your messy child's meals from getting on the floor, check out Bumkins Splat Mat. This mat is made from water-resistant material that prevents spills to come through or any accidental spillages staining your bath space ever again. Instead, it will stay put due to a non-slip process in its backing of the wall paper which works wonders even while your little one is moving aroundoresting. And the best part? It's machine-washable, too - the perfect solution for a really messy meal.

Outdoor Adventures and Picnics: Splat Mat Choices

We are a family who loves the outdoors and this was by no means spared its fair share of outdoor play time & picnics, amongst many other things! It not only protects the grass or table from spills and messes, but it doubles as a clean place for your tot to play with toys outdoors (or lunch too!)

The JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket is one of the most popular for outdoor splat mats. This mat is sturdily built and resistant to water, making it the best choice for picnics & outdoor play. Featuring an easy to carry handle it can be conveniently taken with you outside wherever need. The JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket seats the whole family with room to spare, making it a smart buy for all things outdoors.

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