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When it comes to practicing yoga or staying active, you need the right gear. Of course, you will need one piece of crucial equipment (a yoga mat) to protect your body and support you when working on your routines. This week: one of the best options, with a more complete look - The XPE mat.

About Getting an XPE Mat for your workouts

Perfect For Those Who Workout HardXPE mats are perfect for those of you that workout hard. Infused with PVC that has been created using a special formulation, they are designed to absorb shocks and provide the perfect amount of support for your body during heavy duty workouts. That way your joints and muscles never experience strain, even when you're pushing yourself to the limit. In addition, XPE mats are non-slip and very well can keep you in situ throughout your follow. This makes them great for options like hot yoga where a strong grip helps to keep you stable in different pose variations.

In addition, XPE mats are durable and strong. Compared to other mats that might be worn down after a short while, the XPE mats are made from more durable materials, as this model is crafted for longevity. Constructed of a durable, flexible material that is resistant to tears and punctures these liners are built for long-lasting performance while providing value in your investment.

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