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2019 Jinhua IVY Annual Staff Party


2019 Jinhua IVY Annual Staff Party

On Jan. 19th, IVY Annual Staff Party was held in Jinhua Narada Hotel before Chinese Lunar New Year. 

2019 Jinhua IVY Annual Staff Party

As a shining supplier of baby products in Jinhua, Zhejiang Province, Jinhua IVY has been specialized in baby items for more than 14 years since 2006. In a span of 15 years, IVY has complied with strict management regulations and established win-win cooperations with well-known brands. In 2019, annual sales was surging to 5.5 million dollars.

IVY Mission: To provide quality products and value-added services to customers of babies & pets around the world.

IVY Vision: To be customers of babies & pets first choice worldwide, and to fill the world with loves.

Core Values: Customers firstTeamwork collaborationEmbracing changes  Integrity and HonestyHarmonious and win-win

Welcome to our Annual Party!!!

Wow, everyone in attendance dressed up at that day.

How gorgeous we are! Looking forward to the Annual Party.

2019 Jinhua IVY Annual Staff Party

The annual party was composed of five parts: annual party speech, annual party games, annual dinner, award ceremony and year-end review. 

Lets have a look at the splendid moments:

Award ceremonyThank you for your efforts.

Firstly, Boss Mr. Bao reviewed the significant year of 2019.

 2019 Jinhua IVY Annual Staff Party

He said that every one had been struggled and made our best efforts to achieve the company goal. Thank you for all your efforts.

Look at the trophy cups, remarking the course of growth and hard-working.

2019 Jinhua IVY Annual Staff Party

Congratulations on the prize-winners.

2019 Jinhua IVY Annual Staff Party

Annual party games--all members gave a masterly performance.

Versatile IVY members presented various programs. Not only the staff but only the relations put on performance.

Look, the lovely girl was singing and dancing together with her mommy. How sweet melody it is, drawing a round of applause.

2019 Jinhua IVY Annual Staff Party

Teamwork makes perfect.

Here came our business team, identifying the courage and perseverance. Those are the characters of IVY team.

2019 Jinhua IVY Annual Staff Party 

Everybody had enjoyed the wonderful day. We believe well create a ever glorious achievement in 2020.

 2019 Jinhua IVY Annual Staff Party

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