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Newborn muslin blanket

6 Exciting Muslin Blankets Ideas for Newborns

If you are a new mom out there or an expecting mother, for sure I know that at some level your thoughts and choice of baby products revolve around the safest, easy to use and most comfortable options for your little bundles - You want nothing less. One of the most important things for your baby is a muslin blanket. Muslin Blankets are becoming more and more popular among parents, for obvious reasons. In this article, we will explore why the muslin blankets are perfect for your newborn baby, what to consider when buying a great baby sleep sack suitable for young babies in Australia; stylish and functional designs of them available on IVY now having proven to be an essential one among all other categories; benefits that today come from multifunctional use during their sleep as well over playtime. 

Why Muslin Baby Blankets are the Ideal Choice For Your Newborn?

They are made from muslin which is a light, breathable fabric that is ideal for newborns. Because they are made from 100% cotton you know that the material will be soft on your baby's skin, and gentle too. This makes them extremely versatile, and they can serve several purposes from swaddle cloths to burp cloths or even nursing covers not only that but these shawl-clothing diapers could also be used as a play mat. Also, the IVY Burp Cloth are easy to wash and dry quickly and become even softer with each washing. They are also affordable, therefore they make a pocket-friendly option for the fresh parents. 

Why choose IVY Newborn muslin blanket?

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